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Video-webinar: "How Cisco Transform Your Legacy IT to The Cloud"     

Video-webinar for IT Experts

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Estimated webinar duration: 50 minutes

Your management forces you to go to The Cloud. Through four sessions with four different experts, we draw an easy way to reach the goal, sharing our experience, to give you a clear view of constraints and leverage elements, especially with Cisco technologies.

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After attending this webinar you will:

Have a better plan to organize your IT transformation, and you will key elements to define your new IT architecture including cloud technologies.

Webinar Experts:

Jean-François Le MadecHead of Operations, Anidris

Jeff is working on operation processes with clients of Anidris, involved in strategy definitions for IT transformation, will share with you feedbacks and experiences met during customer discussions and missions.

Aymeric Carraro Data Infrastructure Consultant, Anidris

Aymeric is one of our senior consultants, multi-skilled in IT infrastructure, covering compute, virtualization, storage and backup technologies. He will share with you during his session, a real experience he has successfully executed.

Vincent RosolenData Systems Engineer, Cisco

After fooling around with QoS algorithm design for ATM networks (yikes!), Vincent joined Cisco in the previous millennium as a Systems Engineer. He has been helping his fellow Luxembourgish colleagues develop the local market across the successive technology waves that Cisco adopts and develops as trends emerge. His focus and passion reside on all things datacenter, from storage networking to unified computing to hyperconvergence to software-defined infrastructure to cloud-inspired solutions. In his spare time, he watches Monty Python and ponders the mysteries of our world.

Ben Radstaat Channel Account Manager Meraki BeNeLux, Cisco

Ben is based in the Netherlands. He's working within the Networking/Security Business for more than 20 years. He's also an addicted cyclist (downhill (not in the Netherlands) and time trial).

How Cisco Transform Your Legacy IT to The Cloud

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